Hec Daevis, born on 10 August 1997, is an author located in Los Angeles, California. He currently attends UCLA, where he’s a junior majoring in English. Daevis' passion for story-telling, drove him, from a young age, to develop and write his own books. Through his self-titled Wattpad account (opened on 19 August 2012) Daevis, has worked on developing and honing his writing skills and dedicating time to his passion. This has lead to a variety of successful online books, with many of them accumulating millions of reads and reaching #1 across the genre hot lists, on the site. Daevis is also a former Ambassador for the website.

All his current book projects can be found on the Wattpad website under his account and on Patreon. His podcast Writer’s Block can be accessed through his Patreon as well. Please visit Contact should you have any inquiries or wish to contact the author, Books to learn more about his current and upcoming books, and Podcast to learn more about Writer’s Block.